What is Bone Marrow Washing?

‘Bone Marrow Washing’ or ‘Iron Shirt Chi-Kung,’ also known as Shih Shui Kung or Xi Sui Gong (pronounced she-sway), is a component of the ancient Taoist Little Nine Heaven system which originated in China almost 2500 years ago.

Bone Marrow Washing is an advanced form of chi-kung that focuses on strengthening the inner body. It also increases sexual energy with a goal to optimize and preserve the health of the body, mind and spirit.

It consists primarily of a series of special breathing and strengthening exercises, genital weightlifting, Iron Body / Iron Shirt Dragon Whisk exercises, along with specific energy circulation techniques. Any adult man or woman can learn the art of Bone Marrow Washing and enjoy the multiple benefits. The knowledge from learning this craft will manifest in all areas of your life.

Shih shui will enhance your overall life quality by training you to channel your Jing energy (sexual / hormonal energies) inward towards forging a stronger body and spirit.

Who Should Learn Bone Marrow Washing?

Bone Marrow Washing is suitable for adults. If you are an adult interested in Longevity, improved sexual function/sexual rejuvenation, or a enhanced spiritual life you can learn Shih Shui and then enjoy all the powerful benefits! Please contact to receive an application for instruction.


Health Benefits

Bone Marrow Washing is a recipe for life extension. It is a series of exercises to naturally hack into the body’s hormonal system to naturally change hormone levels to a more youthful balance.

Bone Marrow Washing increases the circulation of Chi throughout the body opening up the meridians and cleansing the body of toxins. This causes the body to avoid stagnation and decay, evolving a stronger and robust immune system, healthier organs, and a decrease in genetic decay.

The iron shirt training in Bone Marrow Washing allows for the body to become in time immune to all but the strongest forms of physical attack. Bone Marrow Washing tones and invigorates the entire body including the sexual organs increasing performance for new levels of power and pleasure. Practitioners report dramatically enhanced sexual abilities and more fulfilling sexual experiences.

The HUGE BOOST in confidence & self-esteem is perhaps the most significant benefit. Many feel that they have discovered a veritable fountain of youth because of Bone Marrow Washing!


Lesson Plan – Bone Marrow Washing

We offer three different options for learning:

Visit the Temple of Kung Fu, at our Deerfield location, every day for at least two weeks.

Our instructor can come to your location, anywhere in the Chicago land area, with a minimum commitment of two weeks of training towards improving your health.

Our instructor can come to your location anywhere in the United States or internationally. Many individuals from all over the world have learned, rejuvenated and transformed themselves into more energetic and more sexually powerful individuals through our training system. Please contact us to arrange your lessons.

Shih Shui Kung Bone Marrow Washing training is not a one size fits all training and requires careful instruction by a certified teacher. Safety, privacy, and special attention to individual’s particular health and wellness needs are what makes training an amazing learning experience .


Instructor’s Background

Meet Shifu BaronThe historical origins of Bone Marrow Washing are from the time of Huang-Ti, the Yellow Emperor of China 2698 B.C. Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao Kung Fu was originally passed down to only one Taoist priest per generation. The larger than life Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung was the 33rd generation teacher of this extremely rare martial arts system, which is the oldest Taoist system known today. Lao Tzu James McNeil is Grandmaster Chiao’s only American student, and is the 34th generation Of Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao.

Sifu Richard Baron has been a student of Lao Tzu James McNeil’s for more than twenty years. He has been certified by Lao Tzu James McNeil to teach the Shih Shui exercises and is a one of the disciples of the 35th generation of the Little Nine Heaven Taoist system which Shih Shui Kung is a part of.

You should only learn Shih Shui Kung from a certified instructor. Do not try this at home. Injury can occur from genital weightlifting and iron shirt training without a certified instructor. Please use common sense and learn this from of exercise from experienced, well trained, and reasonable instructors who put your health, safety, and privacy first. The result when practiced



Kung Fu TempleLessons will be held at the instructor’s location or at your location for an additional charge. Each student will arrange 10 – 14 private lessons five to six days a week with a qualified instructor until the lessons are completed.

“The combination of Bone Marrow Washing exercises produces a natural, powerful energy from within the body. At age 55, I feel much younger, with stronger bones and organs, and mentally sharper. Bone Marrow Washing is hard work (Kung Fu!), but the results are astonishing. I have been practicing for two years consistently, gradually working up to swinging 70 lbs, and can’t wait to learn more. Simple daily practice is all that is required to get amazing results.
-Tom S.

“Bone Marrow Washing has transformed my vitality and sense of well being. I feel younger and more resilient. Cool natural result: Testosterone results: 2/22/17 – 631 ng/dl, 12/31/15 – 441 ng/dl, 3/18/15 – 265 ng/dl — the 3/15 one just before starting Bone Marrow Washing training”
-Doug M. MA

“I was in such terrible shape and in a just a few months of training I had a Renaissance in my life. Everything is changing and I have found myself full of vigor and elasticity. Bone Marrow Washing exercises naturally raised my total testosterone from 427 ng/di to 789 ng/di, actually providing a stronger result than can be expected from taking prescription medication.”
-Layne Wigle PHD

“I’ve practiced kung fu for over a decade and since learning Bone Marrow Washing, I’ve never felt stronger or more focused. These esoteric exercises are a must for any aspiring martial artist.”
– Robert S.

Learning and practicing Shih Shui Kung Fu has expanded my spiritual journey by light years. If you want to know what it’s like to acquire the mental clarity of a sage while enjoying a powerful and youthful body at any age, I highly recommend this ancient and powerful art.
-Joe R, Psychologist


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Bone Marrow Washing So Effective?
Bone Marrow Washing works directly on areas of the body that are often neglected or ignored completely. It can help the practitioner attain high levels of harmony between the body and mind. Benefits are usually felt within the first week of training.

Can Women Learn Bone Marrow Washing?
Yes. Women can also experience the numerous health benefits. We also have a female instructor available to teach women privately. If you are a woman interested in Shih Shui and have any questions, she will be glad to help you out and answer your questions at no cost.we have a female instructor available. Please contact us here and we will put you in touch with here.

Does Bone Marrow Washing Increase Penis Size-Length-Girth?
Yes. Not only can it increase your size but it also increases the size of the blood vessels in the penis. This gives you a harder and more powerful erection. It does safely provide penis enlargement.

What If I Have a Serious Illness like Type-2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Problems, Hypertension or Asthma? Can Bone Marrow Washing Help?
These are conditions that SBone Marrow Washing has been traditionally recommended for to reduce, reverse or even eliminate the symptoms.

Can Bone Marrow Washing Reverse & Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Or Other Sexual Problems? Yes. This is the main reason many people seek to learn Bone Marrow Washing.


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